Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Why do they Hate Us?

My criticism of the MWU! column seems to have attracted the attention of the usual conservative crowd. A reader refers me to a 'must read post' by a 'Modern Muslima'. My criticism was the conscience of one among the disaffected liberal Muslim reacting to what MWU! was indirectly projecting as the views of all liberal and progressive Muslims.

What you will find there is a long drawn criticism of the progressives and liberals. While I agree with the substance of most of the arguments presented there, I still need to speak out as to why there is a need for a liberal forum. I will also clearly spell out that I am not demonising the Sunni Sister - Modern Muslima, as she is certainly not the most dangerous conservative that sparked the need for an alternative forum like MWU!, she rather appears nearer to the moderate Islamist, moderate liberalism that I would like to identify with.

The need for an alternative forum exists because when otherwise "centrist" groups like ICHR, CAIR, ICNA, bring up Muslim issues, they are seen as hypocritical, either because they are, or because they are simply associated with other groups that are. While many of these organisations claim they are for the protection of human rights of everyone, they chose to bring up and act on issues only when Muslims are persecuted by non-Muslims (Palestine), or conservative Muslims persecuted by secular Muslims (Turkey). They are effectively silent for example, when Black African Christians and Muslims are killed by Sudan, or when Pakistani Christians are killed by Pakistani Muslims or when Kurd Muslims are persecuted by Arab Muslims. The logical conclusion that the world draws is that we are nothing but the surrogates and apologists for one or the other totalitarian regimes or opposition movements, and we are trying to fool the Western democracies when we talk about for example, the wrongs of banning hejab in French public institutions or bombing a non-threatening Iraq. Now I am not even talking about the fringe like Muhajirun or GIS which openly take lines reminiscent of the Zionist movement. Then there are the peaceful cousins of these groups which say that only by going to the true path as defined by them, will the Ummah change its condition. On the face of it, this argument is all right. But what they do not say as openly are the implications of their attitudes. It would be all right if they had devoted their energies to telling us about the true path and why it is needed, or helping people attain it. But they also want to occupy the political space of Muslims, be telling us how it is wrong to vote, or organise with non-Muslims on specific issues. Since non-Muslims are nowhere near the true path, their persecution neither concerns them nor bothers them. Secondly, the mundane and secular rights of 'other' Muslims, like non-Salafi Sunnis, Shi'as etc. will never be protected. In effect, they justify the vilest and basest of fascists like Ann Coulter and Daniel Pipes. That is because Muslims are seen as people who will kill you if given a chance, and the only reason your next door friendly immigrant neighbour doesn't kill you is because he doesn't think the time has come yet. Once he has outnumbered you through procreation and immigration, you will have to submit, and you will not be accorded any of the rights he demands from you, because civil libs are the characteristic of the West and Jahiliya, responsible for such evil as single white mothers who can support their family without a man.

What is ironic is that they will use the very same vitiated and hateful atmosphere they help to create, to tell us how the world is evil and hates us for what we are. Just like how the Zionist poisoned american 'conservatives' tell their poor rabble that the US is hated for what it is, rather than what it does, we are told that we are hated for what we are, rather than what some of us do to others, our minorities, or our women. Because these things are not written elsewhere, that is why some Muslims need an alternative forum and voice. If there weren't these negative perceptions and apprehensions about us, the French parliament would never have bothered to care as to what school kids wear on their heads.

We are the equivalent of the conscientious objectors, the refuseniks! While I might be wrong on specific issues, and I am open to change for the better as I realise it, we have the right to a voice and some breathing space.

MWU! has interesting columns on the relations between Jews and Muslim immigrants in France, and the French hejab issue.


Blogger Abdusalaam said...

Very well said qawukzi.

And sunni sister needs to calm down a bit. I understand her position but come on, you don't have to make MWU look like a cesspool of munaifqs. Websites positive points outweigh the bad.

July 15, 2004 5:50 PM  

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