Friday, July 16, 2004

Why Kerry?

Haaretz reports - Cam Kerry promises support for Israel, on brother s behalf:

This is why a vote for Nader is so important, and narrow political maneuvering will fail

"Cam Kerry promises support for Israel, on brother's behalf

By Shmuel Rosner

During his visit to Israel, Cameron Kerry, brother and political adviser to Democratic senator and presumptive presidential nominee, John Kerry, said he is mostly 'learning a lot.'

The life of an Israeli prime minister is not easy, as he tries to navigate his contacts with the rival presidential candidates in the United States. It is especially delicate for Ariel Sharon, where one candidate is George Bush, the supporter who is in electoral difficulties, and his challenger, John Kerry, who promises his support if elected and enjoys the majority of most American Jewish voters.

Cameron Kerry is therefore the most senior envoy of the Kerry camp that Sharon is likely to meet until the November elections.

'He [John Kerry] was here a number of times and he has strong links with Israel,' Cameron Kerry told Haaretz yesterday.

'He is very clear in his statements: the security of Israel must come first, and Israel needs to be able to protect itself,' Kerry says of his brother. 'President Kerry will be a loyal friend to Israel,' he promises.

"There is no Palestinian partner at this time," he says. "It is not the place of the U.S. to pressure Israel to reach an agreement with the Palestinians," he added.

Kerry also promises that "the Kerry administration's policy toward Israel will be such that it will enjoy the support of the Republicans and the Democrats."


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