Sunday, July 18, 2004

With the nation and Abu Ammar under siege, Palestine implodes

Zionists must be celebrating at the breakdown in Gaza, as a PA under siege seems powerless to control the chaos. 

Abbu Ammar Posted by Hello
US and Israel have been blaming Pres. Arafat for the breakdown in the peace process, saying they can not negotiate with him. Nothing could be farther from the truth, Arafat still enjoys more popular support as a symbol of the struggle than any other individual leader. He is also one of the leaders who can actually come to a settlement, if the Zionist leaders were actually serious about peace.
With the PA gone, the nation will be in a state of dangerous chaos, like the refugee camps in Lebanon when the PLO withdrew, or Back September in Jordan. While corruption seems to be a real problem in the PA, the overwhelming majority of Palestinians do not accuse Arafat of personal corruption, but the yea-men around him. For anyone who has seen weak Muslim/Arab institutions at close range, he would understand exactly what's going on. The problem is, that Israelis have imprisoned Arafat, and destroyed the PA infrastructure, making it impossible to hold elections, or meet different leaders and devote energy on anything else other than maintain a facade of normality.
The more chaos and violence that emerges in Gaza, (or WB if it were to spread), the more Israelis will think they can divide Palestinians and confuse them. Foreign support to the PA has also been dwindling, job creation, overhaul of the official machinery has been stalled. Unless we can maintain a working PA, open enough to work with every faction, but still united under a strong, recognised leadership to take stands and talk for the majority, things will look very bleak. We cannot let the US/Israelis punish the old guard for their heroic fight in the last 30 years. Whatever change there needs to be should come from the ballot and mutual understanding. Arafat should invite the opposition and come to some policy changes that will satisfy them. But this violence and chaos are not helping the nation in any way.


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