Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Arundhati Roy on the Empire

Arundhati Roy comments in an interview about the Empire.

Where are the cracks in the empire? What are its vulnerabilities that can be exploited?

WELL RIGHT now it’s overstretched, isn’t it? In Iraq, the people are engaging it directly. The U.S. cannot afford another Iraq or another Afghanistan. So, in a way, these two countries have engaged the military front of empire, and are keeping it busy. That’s a huge crack, which is why I think it’s very important for us to understand that this fight is not their fight alone. They’re keeping U.S. troops busy on behalf of the rest of the world. While it has tremendous military might, I think the project of corporate globalization leaves its economic outposts vulnerable. These are other cracks that we must be exploring.

Now I don't think all of the Iraqi and Afghan resistance is fighting for the rest of us, many of them are. While democratisation of Iraq and Afghanistan is good, we a know the real aims and values of the Empire buiders. Such a comment from a moderate Indian socialist, however says a lot about the frustration of people with where the Cabal is taking us.


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