Friday, August 27, 2004

This is un acceptable

"The group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq said they executed the Italian journalist Enzo Baldoni because Italy did not respond to their demand to withdraw troops from Iraq within 48 hours," Aljazeera reported.

A journalist, European, Italian, volunteering for the Red Cross, critical of Bersuloni and the US war, a 56 year old man with a family, to be executed. This is simply un-acceptable. The only way one can argue for it is by skewed, chauvinist rhetoric ("what about abu ghraib?", "Europeans are the same as Americans" or some similar stupidity). The same rhetoric, I guess, may be even milder rhetoric can thus justify torture, detaining Muslim immigrants and converts, or bombing Iraq.

If they (self proclaimed Islamic Army in Iraq) want to make their own rules, then they should suffer for their actions themselves, not the civilian people of Iraq, Palestine, or the Muslim minorities in the East and West.


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