Friday, August 27, 2004

Understanding the American Right

The Right, as understood today, is mostly led and ruled by the neo-Conservatives. What exactly are they? It is easy to confuse them with the Christian Religious Right. But if you take a deeper look, the Christian Religious Right is a very weak force, in most of America. The neo-Conservatives, are actually the people who control and lead the Christian Coalition, the Libertarian, the Zionists, the Capitalists, and many others who today control the Republican, and parts of the Democratic Party.

The neo-Conservatives are mostly students (literally) and disciples of Leo Strauss. Most of you have probably heard/read about him. But if you haven't, it really is recommended reading. AlertNet's article here. A better International Herald Tribune article here.

The trouble with Leo Struss is that he is a moral pervert. While he makes a rational and strong case for moral clarity - he does not beieve in morality. He is himself a nihilist and atheist, but unlike the ethical skeptic/agnostic, he uses religion and tradition, or the dominant civil order for the benefit of his own elite. Hence, at the core, he comes out uglier than both the religious fundamentalist and the committed atheist. His strength lies in his use of fear to sell his ideas as workable and necessary truth.


Blogger Heraclius said...

Your supposition that Straus was a nihilist is ridiculous at a cursory glance and self-serving at its worst. Starus saw nihilism and moral and ethical relativism as destroying his home nation of Germany...this is the very essence of nihilism...namely, a doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths.

In a society of moral relativism, philosophy becomes god...and when that happens, like in most Socialist Countries, then relativism flourishes in all aspects of society and paralyzes it.

I will give you one thing...I think Straus fell pray to that which he hated...relativism. He fell pray to it in that he found something he could not empirically quanitfy, namely God, and simply abandoned it and embraced it as a political philosophy. This is distrubing and to me, anti intellectual, as I think a true reading of history, science, and the world around us, clearly points to a creator. but that is another argument.

So while I think your points on Strauss are hyperbolic, I think you eventually get to a salient point. As for your thinking that most Conservatives are neo-cons, is off. Most conservatices embrace their conservatism after watching their hard work and fruits of their labor stolen from them to benefit those who have not worked for them...or embrace them because they seem moral degradation on the part of modern liberalism...not because of Leo Straus.

If that were the case, most socialists (as you seem to rail against Capitalists, Zionists, etc..the usual buzzwords of the left that are red meat for the automotonss on the left), would be disciples of Marx, a more virulent atheist and godless wonder than Strauss.

August 29, 2004 9:58 PM  
Blogger qawukzi said...

I do not subscribe to ideological Marxism, as in dialectical materialism. Fundamentalist Marxism can be as bad as fundamentalist Straussism. Where Marx argues for the proletariat, Starauss does so for the elite. My initial sympathetic bias is evident from the above. However, what we are facing today is a dominant Straussian power structure, not a Marxist one.

January 31, 2006 10:13 PM  

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